Jim Leeming


Raised in a Christian family in a suburb of Chicago Illinois with an older sister by both parents. Sundays were dedicated to Sunday school and church. At the time we were pre-liberal Congregationalists and Presbyterians. Initially during high school wanted to become a chemical engineer but decided to enlist in the Navy. During the Pacific War we carried anti-submarine nets and floats on a Liberty Ship to place in front of friendly island moorings. We had no chaplain aboard but when moored at the islands we serviced, attended church ashore. After serving in the Navy, discharged in early 1946, I graduated from to the University of Illinois as a Metallurgical Engineer.

While married and raising a family, we lived in San Clemente, CA. During this time I was asked to visit a nursing home for the elderly and give a talk one Sunday. From this event, it changed my life as I started in my spare time visiting hospitals and nursing homes and from time to time in the churches I attended and gave sermons on my relationship with the LORD. This resulted in becoming an official visitation representative for my church. During the 30 years of this ministry, I was compelled to help old folks in our churches with minor home repair jobs and had cards printed up and distributed containing, Proverbs 27:10, “Better a friend nearby than a brother far away.”

Served as an Elder for a large Presbyterian church for over 20 years. Three of those years as a discussion leader with Bible Study Fellowship but had to resign when my wife decided on a divorce!

Spent over twenty years providing the morning sermons at the Beartooth Nursing Home, the last ten years gave or arranged the Sunday morning service at East Rose Bud Lake. MT.

Got saved over 60 years ago while visiting a nuclear power plant in Oak Ridge TN when one lonely night I had a strong desire to get down on my knees and ask the Lord to become the focus of my life!

My favorite Bible verse is 1Thess. 5:16-18 as it’s the only verse that specifically tells us what is God’s Will for our life!

God continues to convince me that He is precisely Who He claims to be and has done exactly what He has claimed to have done!

I have four wonderful daughters, eight grandchildren, and twenty of the cutest great grandchildren you’ve every seen! I enjoy spending as much time in God’s great outdoors as possible and being positively amazed at the beauty!

I am forever grateful to have been able to travel across this great country with my family, walking through the woods, visiting our National Parks, boating on Lake Michigan and down the Mississippi River and able to appreciate the mighty work of His Hands!



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