Our police department protects our city population of roughly 67,000 people by its 88 officers. The police department consist of 5 different bureaus. Our church is provided with a list from the Chief of the department, of officers that are interested in this program.

Our prayers are mainly threefold: 1) their safety, 2) their good judgment, and 3) for them to return home every day. The prayers typically don’t stop there. We find that we are praying for their husbands, wives, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, etc. We have had good success thus far. Prayer can be done as a family or by an individual, however the prayer participant must try to pray for these officers for one year. If you are interested and would like to be added as a prayer partner, or require additional information, please email our church at or call at (406) 799-9434.



Our church has a vendor booth at our local Farmers Market located at Whittier Park (south of the Civic Center). We provide anyone with free resources such as Bibles, tracts, and Calvary magazines. We also offer them free bottled water. Our hope is that we get God’s Word into their hands; converse with people; offer to pray with them; and ultimately introduce them to Jesus. If you are interested in participating (June thru Sept), contact or email our church at or call at (406) 799-9434.



In Street Prayer ministry we generally go into the downtown area, walk the streets and offer to pray with individuals we encounter. (James 5:14-16) The response has been very positive, as there is a great need for prayer (people tell us) in these uncertain times. We also go to the Rescue Mission area and talk and pray with people in sharing the love of Jesus. Several have accepted an invitation to come to church and will attend from time to time. We pray God will continue to move in their lives and hearts.



The people in our fellowship have been very generous in donating clothing (especially winter clothes here in Montana) and food supplies for our Food and Clothing Ministry. We collect these items and distribute them when the need is made known to us. We’re also mindful of those needs as part of our street ministry. It’s another opportunity to pray with and for someone. (Matthew 25:40) We’re working on something we’ll call Monday Meals and Ministry where we hope to meet on Monday evenings downtown to provide a simple meal (soup, bread, etc.) to anyone who might have a need, and of course pray with them.



Our Pastor serves as a Chaplain in our local Great Falls Police Department. During this time, he’s had several opportunities for prayer with a Police Officer or a member of the community. In addition, we have developed a ministry to commit prayer for an assigned Police Officer for one year. We pray for their safety, protection, wisdom, strength, and peace. (Matt 5:9; Romans 13:1-4; 1 Tim 2:1,2)



On the last Sunday of each month we go the Grace Home to cook and serve dinner to the resident veterans. It’s a great opportunity for conversation, prayer, and to show our appreciation for their past service to our nation.



God has really blessed us here at Calvary Chapel Cascade County in 2017, and is beginning to use our fellowship in some wonderful and exciting ways. If you would like to support what God is accomplishing through us, so that in 2018 and beyond we can reach more souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and really make a difference in people’s lives, please prayerfully consider donating, but only if God lays it on your heart to do so. For your convenience you can either send a check to Calvary Chapel Cascade County, PO Box 1508, Great Falls, MT, 59404, or you can click the Paypal button below.